hyperhabitat [Venice Biennale 2008]

10 09 2008

The aim of the workshop in which we participated was to produce an installation focussed on digital fabrication procedures, designed by Guallart Architects, IaaC and BCN fab Lab in collaboration with Bestiario and MIT center for bits and atoms that will be presented during The Biennale of Venice.  Our collaboration concerned  the design and fabrication of the object – furniture presented in the pavillion of  Guallart Architects in Venice Biennale 2008.

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Fine Art School AThens Diploma Project teaser

11 06 2015

Wooden Sunglasses

7 11 2014

Design & Digital Fabrication

Design of wooden sunglasses frame & digital fabrication through Computerized Numerical Control  CNC milling machine.

We are designing the wooden sunglasses from scratch (given a specific concept) , afterwards through digital fabrication process we are “testing” the design , through many trials until achieving the desirable result..

The fabrication process :


Wearing one of the final “female” models.


Interested in finding out more about the different designs and doing some shopping? Here is where  you can find them:




Parametric Jewlery_Digital Fabrication

6 11 2014

The design is based on the design of the Dome and the floor plan of the Sanctuary of Asklipios, Epidaurus ,Greece. It represents the solar system with the different planets in their positions and the orbit of each one. Everything rotates around the Sun , that keeps still in the center of all. This love charm was initially ,specially designed by Ismini & Giorgos on June 2014 for the wedding of a special couple that exchanged its vows at Epidaurus! Vickey & Daniel: In the center of this love charm was curved the initial letter Δ for Daniel and V forVickie.
material: Silver
fabrication: Laser cut
design by: Ismini & Giorgos
Few words for the inspiration:

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 12.28.49 AM
The Sanctuary of Asklipios :
Epidaurus was developed because of its position but mostly of its Asklipion,situated 15 km far from it; especially after the 4th Century BC, when the sanctuary reached its peak.
The excavations at the area lasted from 1979 to 1928. Among the most important discoveries are the propylaea (the entrance building), the foundations of Doric temple dedicated to Aslipio, built in 380-375 BC, the Tholos (Dome), the most famous building of the sanctuary, which was the core of the worship and the Avaton (the place only for those with the right permission to enter) or sleeping porch, where the patients slept waiting for the god to appear in their dreams and speak about their cure.
If you would like one too, contact us to do something about it!

 Photo of the happy couple.. (photo courtesy Petros Sofokitis www.cpsofikitis.com )

DIgital Fabrication_ Sculpture at Athens Inernational Airport

6 11 2014

web1 web2 web3

Athens International Airport– Athens School of Fine Arts: Young Greek artists’ creations at the airport’s outdoors areas.

Our winning proposal, for the art competition of Athens International Airport and the Athens School of Fine Arts ! They launched an art competition aiming at offering travellers an encounter with the modern applied arts, as created by young Greek artists,and invited creators to submit ideas for functional outdoors seating proposals, designed to work at the same time as planting installations, for the outside areas of the airport.

the installation’s title is ”MEMORIES” . The competition object was to aesthetically improve the existing concrete pots-constructions that were located at the parking lot of the airport. Our main concept was to play with greek elements, such as light, shadow, wood, and generally juxtapositions of greek reality. in all senses. Sight: light and shadow, Touch: wood & concrete, Smell: greek herbs were proposed to be planted in the pot. The parametric design is adapting to each of the gigantic concrete pots creating an opposition and at the same time a dialogue between=n the two. Finally only one was created due to economic reasons.. The scultpure salutes tha travelers as the head for their trip.

concept images: pinakidanesting and visualizations :
digital fabricationdigital fabrication, CNC cut, the construction process . Material: plywood construction process http://news.gtp.gr/2013/01/21/athens-airport-offers-travelers-an-encounter-with-modern-applied-arts/

Architectural design of the public space at the beachfront of Georgioupolis, (Western Crete)

7 08 2014

(ongoing project under construction, architectural design byMak.gr – Machairas & Koronidi-)


Panorama1-1 copy

This section describes the basic principles of the proposal:

Communal area beachfront village:

The proposal aims at the creation of a premises- reference point for the village but also the surrounding area and neighboring villages, who will serve a variety of uses, such as walking, exercise, rest, gathering, outdoor events and of course, will be accessible to all population groups (disabled, etc.).

Furthermore, the lines and the demarcation of the proposed sites were not only based on the urban plan, but also where ingluenced byf the position played a key role in the chapel of St. Nicholas. The proposal aims at highlighting the position through the design and formulation of study.

paidiki deck skate[photos: Deck area – cultural ceremonies space, playground area, skate park, under construction]

More specifically the design includes:

  • Reformation of the area for launching boats
  • Playground with educational elements – planting
  • Space in the perimeter pedestrian – bicycle
  • Outdoor sporting activities – Park outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor sports areas
  • Creation of Skate park
  • Creation of a resting area, pedestrians with water element in the central part of the proposal
  • Creation of outdoor cultural and other events, overlooking the church of Agios Nikolaos.
  • Lighting
  • planting – local herbs

Central Square of Georgioupoli , Creta

7 08 2014


plateia fish eye

(image summer 2014)

We were commissioned with the design / regeneration of two adjacent points in the village a) the central square of the village, and b) the next to the river area. Hub for both residents and tourists – visitors of the settlement Georgioupolis is a major tourist resort, the proposed redevelopment will promote more the area to help its further development.

sadas_2 sadas_1

Central village square:

Creatιion of a multipurpose space which will serve various purposes, such as walking, resting, gathering crowd for small concerts, lectures, and more generally, any kind of gatherings and, of course, is accessible to all population groups. A key role in the synthesis was to have accessibility for all in the square. So the ramps were a key component of the study, ballowing a design with plasticity in the central area. The central idea of the design of the square is the separation of pedestrian traffic area with space and recreational attitude. In degraded central part of the square is proposed to create a core of rest area and entertainment

Gmik Presentation of work- Athens school of Fine Arts

10 12 2009

Microsoft PowerPoint - 3337_PD200811_Concept Presentation_Comple