Architectural design studio 7-8, National Book Center

9 09 2008

This project concerned of a new building for the National Book Centre of Greece, in the centre of Athens near Alexandra’s avenue. The building, consisting of offices, auditorium, cafeteria, exposition area and library , had to attract the attention of the pedestrians and the drivers. This led to expansion in height and vertical structure of the building .The book storage space plays a key role in the composition. This space is like a “black box”, where the treasure of books is held, which is why the heavy concrete construction engages with the light wooden library box, so as to protect it.


digital fabrication

9 09 2008


The DIGITAL FABRICATION  Course is intended to initiate students in the use of advanced digital design methods and fabrication processes in an integrated way, to make physical things from virtual data. It focus on the design, development of construction of full scale prototypes in a variety of materials, focusing on the transition between computer modeling and materialization.

Students were introduced to the different digital fabrication processes available in the market with a series of comprehensive lectures, including discussions on specific case-studies. In the class, we were  be guided through the use of Rapid Prototyping and CAD-CAM fabrication devices, by following design assignments specifically conceived to develop their skills. The course gave us the opportunity to test some of these processes, using the machines available at IAAC (CNC laser-cut, CNC milling and 3D Printing).

1. CNC laser cut

2. CNC milling

3. 3D printing

House in Vari, Athens

9 09 2008

Big scale house located in Vari, outside Athens. The project was made in collaboration with Studio 265 Architects and is now under construction.

project leader: Ismini Koronidi

Philips Pavilion Video

9 09 2008

The video was created during the class ” Special Topics in Architectural Design 9″ in NTUA Architecture school. Video rendering and animation:

Ismini Koronidi

Sevasti Vardouli

Tzoulianna Niagkou

Architectural Design Studio 3, Small house in Athens

2 08 2008

My first design of a small scale building. This small scale house is located in the area of Mets, near the centre of Athens and it hosts a four-member family. The dwelling, is characterized ny introversion and is centered around a yard , so that the rigid concrete walls embrace to the yard, creating a barrier from the outside.

Thesis project in N.T.U of Athens

30 07 2008

Archaeological museum of Chania 

projects in N.T.U of Athens

30 07 2008

Housing development in the industrial area of Elefsina

Office building for the theater festival of Athens

Bridge for pedestrians in Athens


Glass sculpture project in the yard of the university. The material’s semi-transparency creates a visual link between the interior and the exterior.